Faculty Members

Dr. Javaria Qazi

Tenured Associate Professor – Chairperson

Areas of Interest: Molecular Virology

PROFILE: Over 20 years of research experience in Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Virology. Worked as a scientist for federally funded molecular biotechnology institute; (http://nibge.org) for 10 years and afterwards worked as a university teacher for 11 years. Founding member and team lead of Molecular virology and Epidemiology lab at the department of Biotechnology QAU.

Email: javariaqazi@qau.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9064-4132
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Dr. Muhammad Naeem

Tenured Professor
Email: mnaeem@qau.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9064-4122

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Dr. Bilal Haider Abbasi

Tenured Professor
Email: bhabbasi@qau.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9064-4187

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Dr. Muhammad Zia

Professor (BPS)
Email: ziachaudhary@gmail.com
Contact: 051-9064-4126

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Dr. Muhammad Ali

Assistant Professor

Areas of Interest: Infectious diseases and molecular pathology

PROFILE: Dr. Muhammad Ali (Ph.D. from Rome, Italy; M. Phil. from the University of Punjab) has published >100 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and is co-inventor of one patent. He is the group leader infectious diseases and molecular pathology laboratory. His laboratory is equipped with BSL-2 and an automated viral DNA/RNA extraction facility for working on different aspects of infectious viruses circulating in Pakistan.

In addition, he is a member of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) and co-chapter head (ICT region) for the Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA).

Email: alibiotech01@gmail.com
Contact: 051-9064-4407
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Dr. Faiza Rasheed

Assistant Professor

Email: faiza@qau.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9064-4119

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